Thank you for visiting our site.  We welcome your prayers and any donation amount is not only needed but is vital for continued care.


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 The Project Millstone Mission: The mission of Project Millstone is to support the people of El Salvador in their time of need and create solutions to solve everyday situations. Wherever there is need, Project Millstone will offer its resources regardless of economic status or affiliation. 


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What We Do

 Here are a few scenarios of possible services;  The local hospital calls one of our volunteers and states that a man with no family, has been given the ultimate prognosis. The volunteer arranges for the man to live the remainder of his days in that volunteer's home thus acting as a hospice facility. We pay the expense for food, medicine, personal hygiene, and other misc. items in order for that man to pass with dignity.  Another example would be;  A young child needs to go to San Salvador for medical testing and we pay the expense for traveling.  A third scenario is;  One family has roof damage and the 6 month rainy season is about to begin, and we repair the roof.  All of the above examples are utilized by volunteers that we organize and simply provide the means to complete various tasks.